College Process Coaching

College process coaching involves discussions as well as research about what a student is seeking in a college experience, what schools fit their personality, interests and budget and what kind of assistance is needed in reaching the college destination. Since the college process can vary greatly between families, the coaching services are priced hourly so that students and families can determine what services they need and want. The College Process Coach’s services compliment the expertise that the student's high school college counselors offer them.


Some of the services provided by The College Process Coach include:

  • Developing a plan for each school year including standardized tests, coursework and extracurricular activities

  • Defining college criteria and creating an initial list of colleges

  • Researching colleges and helping prepare for college visits

  • Readying student for resumé and essay writing

  • Coaching students and parents through the application process

  • Providing financial aid and scholarship guidance

  • Furnishing college decision assistance

  • Advise on steps of transition from high school to college life

  • Providing a "second look" by reviewing the work you have done so far to give you the confidence you are on track with your research and cost analysis

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